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Celebrating 20 Years of ECDL

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Inspiring ICDL Candidates: Adrian Davids, South Africa

Inspiring ICDL Candidates: Adrian Davids, South Africa

In 2009, ex-radio presenter and a specialist in radio broadcasting, Adrian Davids from Eersteriver in the Western Cape of South Africa, became the first blind student to obtain ICDL certification.

Stephan Bogdanovic

Inspiring ECDL Candidates: Stefan Bogdanovic, Austria

Stefan Bogdanovic is a real hero. Stefan was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2004. Because of his diagnosis, Stefan had to leave school and give up football, his biggest passion.

20 Things you didn’t know about ICDL

20 Things You Didn’t Know About ICDL - No. 5

SEVERAL AWARD-WINNING ICDL PROGRAMS HAVE BEEN IN CORRECTIONAL FACILITIES Several of our national operators have conducted successful projects in prisons and juvenile detention centres. The education facility of the Josefstadt prison in Vienna, Austria along with the Austrian Computer Society provides ECDL training to juvenile delinquents between 14 and 18 years old and young adults between 18 and 21. The ultimate objective of the facility is to prepare the inmates for life after prison and “vocational reintegration”. It is believed that ECDL improves the chances for detainees to find a job on the labour market soon after their release.

Vishal Morey, NEW ZEALAND

Inspiring ICDL Candidates: Vishal Morey, New Zealand

After taking 8 years out as a full-time mum, Vishal Morey in New Zealand found her computer knowledge very rusty. She needed to gain new skills and refresh what she already knew. Vishal talks about her experience with KiwiSkills which is free computer training for jobseekers that offers the ICDL programme.

Mohammad Huzair Awan, PAKISTAN

Inspiring ICDL Candidates: Mohammad Huzair Awan, Pakistan

At the tender age of 8, Mohammad Huzair Awan passed his first ICDL exam in IT Security in October 2014. ICT Trainings, an ICDL Accredited Test Centre in Lahore, Pakistan hosted a ceremony to acknowledge his achievement on November 8th 2014.

20 things you didn’t know about ICDL - No. 1-4

20 things you didn’t know about ICDL - No. 1-4

Anne Mercer

Inspiring ICDL Candidates: Anne Mercer, Canada

Anne was living in sheltered accommodation with her children in Toronto, Canada and was one of the 16 homeless mothers to achieve ICDL certification through the Woodgreen Community Services’ Homeward Bound Project. Anne showed great determination and started to turn her life around.

Abu Dhabi's Community Policing Institute Adopted ICDL Profile in 2016

20 Organisations That Insist on ICDL

20 Organisations That Insist on ICDL

Inspiring Candidates - Daniel

Inspiring ICDL Candidates: Daniel Goncalves, Zimbabwe

Daniel Goncalves - the creator of "Tymzchat", Zimbabwe’s answer to Facebook. In 2013, Daniel Goncalves, a 16-year-old student at Lomagundi College in Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe, created an alternative to Facebook targeted at people in Africa called Tymzchat.

20 Unusual Test Centres - Map

20 Extraordinary ICDL Testing Centres

Dora, the high-tech mobile learning centre was purchased from Alexandra, where it had operated as a school bus since 1985. Dora was reinvented as a mobile digital learning centre in 2011 after the Christchurch earthquakes, to support the ‘Stepping Up’ classes in Christchurch. Dora went on to become an authorised mobile ICDL testing facility in 2012 complete with accredited testers. Dora currently resides on the West Coast of the South Island where it is fully utilised by community groups and schools. With Dora as a fully functioning independent mobile learning and testing centre, ICDL training and testing can be provided to any region.