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20 things you didn’t know about ICDL - No. 1-4

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1. The birth of the European Computer Driving Licence

The Computer Driving Licence (CDL), is a certification tool consisting of a modular set of IT tests. It was launched in Finland in January 1994, by the Finnish Computer Association (FIPA) and the Finnish Information Technology Development Centre (TIEKE). 

During the first year, 10,000 people were certified and it was expanded into the pan-European European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) in August of 1996.

2. Martin Sheen achieved the EqualSkills module of ECDL when he studied in National University of Ireland (NUI) Galway

In Sept 2006 Actor Martin Sheen, AKA Ramón Estevez, registered as an arts student at the National University of Ireland (NUI) Galway, taking classes in English Literature, Philosophy, and Oceanography.

Star of the acclaimed TV series 'The West Wing', and of many memorable movies including Apocalypse Now and Badlands, Sheen took a break from his illustrious acting career to immerse himself in campus life.

During his semester in the College, he also joined the Equalskills class and was awarded his Equalskills Certificate before departing the College to take up his acting career once more.

3. Over 1,000 young Syrian Refugees have gained ICDL Certification with Accredited Test Centres in the Zataari, Emirati and Azraq refugee camps in Jordan.

The Zaatari Refugee camp was accredited as a Test Centre by Specto in 2014. Since then, ICDL has become popular among young refugees in the camp.

The accreditation of the Emirati and Azraq camps then followed, thanks to the high demand from refugees for the ICDL certification.

1,000 Syrian Refugees gain ICDL Certificates

4. In 2009 an entire family from Southampton in the UK completed the ECDL

An entire family in Southampton, England completed the ECDL. Parents Anne and Barry Jones decided to enrol their three sons, David and Simon (twins) aged 19, and Philip 13, on the Computer Driving Licence Course in an effort to help them with their academic studies. They had learned the Archimedes system the boys had at school, but they wanted to learn more about personal computers. The parents wanted to keep up with their sons so that they could assist them with school and college work and for their own interest.

The Jones Family

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