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Inspiring ICDL Candidates: Vishal Morey, New Zealand

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After taking 8 years out as a full-time mum, Vishal Morey in New Zealand found her computer knowledge very rusty. She needed to gain new skills and refresh what she already knew. Vishal talks about her experience with KiwiSkills which is free computer training for jobseekers that offers the ICDL programme.

“I had my Polytech Science Diploma and wanted a lab technician job again, in a diagnostic or teaching lab. These days you really need to know about a computer, everything is getting computerised. I was never good with computers and chose not to do computing in high school in Fiji – I had an innate dislike for them. I applied for many jobs, but kept stuffing up my CV – I wasn't aware how you save in different formats. And these days you have to apply online.”

“I thought, if I can get more confident with computers, I have a better chance of creating a better CV and a better chance at getting a job.” Then she heard about KiwiSkills/ICDL at her son's school, Brockville Primary.

With KiwiSkills/ICDL, “you learn at your own pace, classes are small and you get one on one time with the tutor. Ask for help if you get stuck – don't think you'll sound dumb. At the end, you get the ICDL certificate no matter how long it took you.”

The course was handily located at Brockville, and as the weekly tutorial was in the evening her husband could look after the children. She also worked self-paced at home – she says you really need a PC if you want to do the programme – and went back to the modules to revise before the practice and certificate tests.

“KiwiSkills/ICDL helped me so much. Doing the course I learned so many computer shortcuts and things that could have saved me so much time. It’s given me confidence using the computer, and increased my self-esteem too. I can format a good CV that I can confidently present, and apply online.” “I now use the computer for pretty much everything – at work, emailing with teachers, Skype to talk to family in Canada and Australia and keeping a spreadsheet for my church of who has donated. I listen to Bollywood songs on YouTube – and don’t have to buy lots of CDs now.”

“After gaining my ICDL Certificate, I got my application in right and got back to Southern Community Laboratories where I worked eight years ago, as a Lab Technician. It’s something I enjoy doing. I started with 8 hours a week, and now work 40 hours one week, and 23.5 in alternate weeks so I can spend time with the kids after school – piano practice and Futsal!”

Vishal encourages other jobseekers who are considering doing the KiwiSkills programme: “Go for it!”

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