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Code Week 2018

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Header: How does coding fit into your life?

Whether you are a student, teacher, or someone working in another profession, computing is changing things.

We think it’s important that everyone has a chance to learn the basics of coding. That’s why ECDL Foundation is proud to support EU Code Week 2018.

Do you want to try your hand at coding? Why not see if you can figure out how our special Code Week Python script works?

Tip: If you don’t already have Python on your computer, follow the instructions on to download and install it.

# ECDL Foundation is proud to support EU Code Week 2018!

from datetime import date

startDate = date(2018,10,6)
endDate = date(2018,10,21)
currentDate =

if currentDate >= startDate and currentDate < endDate:

            print ("It's EU Code Week!")
            print ("Find out how ECDL boosts coding skills at")
            print ("")

elif currentDate < startDate:

            countdown = (startDate - currentDate).days

            if countdown > 1:

                        print ("There are " + str(countdown) + " days until Code Week 2018!")
                        print ("Do you have coding skills?")
                        print ("")


                        print ("There is just one day until Code Week 2018!")

elif currentDate > endDate:

            print ("EU Code Week 2018 is over,")
            print ("but that doesn' mean you can't learn to code!")
            print ("")

Ready to take the plunge and learn to code? Get the basics right with the ECDL Computing module.

Read our blog post on supporting creativity in the digital world through computing.