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ECDL Foundation News

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EU Study Maps Media Literacy Projects Around Europe

EU Study Maps Media Literacy Projects Around Europe

A new study, titled, ‘Mapping of Media Literacy Practices and Actions in EU-28’, has been published by the European Commission, providing a snapshot of trends in media literacy projects that are being implemented by stakeholders across the EU.

ICDL Africa Pilot Project in Rwanda Sees 146 Candidates Certified

ICDL Africa Pilot Project in Rwanda Sees 146 Candidates Certified

ICDL Africa and the Rwandan Ministry of Youth and ICT (MYICT) have completed a successful pilot project as part of an initiative to raise the digital skill levels of local and central government employees, and members of the public in the country. The project, which lasted 9 months, was funded by the government through the country’s National Capacity Building Secretariat, and saw candidates from the security sector trained and tested in the four ICDL Base modules and three of the ICDL Intermediate modules.

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Millions Lack Digital Skills in UK According to Latest Consumer Digital Index

According to a new index in the UK, 11.5 million people are lacking basic digital skills. The index, published by Lloyds Banking Group, is designed to show the level of digital skills of adults in the UK. It showed that, while 1.1 million people developed basic digital skills over the past year, there is still a substantial number of people who do not have skills for basic ICT use, including using the internet. The index also shows that half of those over 65 years of age lack basic digital skills.


Students’ Personal Data At Risk According to New Report

A new report by the Electronic Frontier Foundation has revealed that sensitive personal data of school students in the United States is being collected and stored by technology companies. The report, titled, ‘Spying on Students: School-Issued Devices and Student Privacy’, found that data such as names, dates of birth, browsing history and location data, is being captured and stored, in many cases without privacy protection or understanding and consent from parents.

Successful Kenyan ‘Train the Trainer’ Workshop Highlights ICT in Education Module

Successful Kenyan ‘Train the Trainer’ Workshop Highlights ICT in Education Module

A three-day ‘Train the Trainer’ (TTT) programme in Kenya took place in early April, providing ICDL trainers from various Kenyan Accredited Test Centres (ATC) the opportunity to update their skills and learn about new ICDL modules.

Digital Skills Should be at the Heart of the European Skills Initiative

Value of Certification Highlighted in ‘Global Knowledge’ IT Skills and Salary Survey

The 10th annual IT Skills and Salary Survey has been published by Global Knowledge, finding significant digital skills gaps. According to the survey, two-thirds of IT decision-makers reported a gap in the levels of skills and knowledge needed to meet their goals.

Information Literacy Module Launched by ECDL Foundation

Information Literacy Module Launched by ECDL Foundation

ECDL Foundation launched its latest module, Information Literacy at an event in Prague, Czech Republic, this month. The module covers the essentials of finding, evaluating and working with online information.

EU flags outside the Berlaymont Building in Brussels

EU Group Identifies Key Digital Skills Challenges & ECDL Best Practice

The main challenges facing Europe in tackling digital skills gaps have been identified in a new initiative from a European Commission-led expert group. The group, which brought together representatives of public authorities from across the EU, worked to produce a ‘shared concept’ for a digital skills strategy that can be used by Member States as guidance in developing their own digital skills strategies at the national level.

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ECDL Foundation To Participate in 2017 World Conference on Computing in Education

ECDL Foundation's Head of Programme Standards, Frank Mockler, will chair a symposium on “Initiatives to Promote and Develop Students’ Computing Skills” at the World Conference on Computing in Education ( in Dublin in July. The symposium will also include participants from the Italian, Lithuanian, Irish and Polish ECDL National Operators, as well as from the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC).

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New Computing Sample Tests for Python Available

ECDL Foundation has published a new ECDL Computing module sample test for Python 3. The test is available to download from the module page.

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